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In Safari on iOS and macOS, your StopTheMadness website options and other settings can be exported to and imported from iCloud. This feature was added in StopTheMadness version 4.0 in the iOS App Store and version 27.0 in the Mac App Store. (Firefox and Google Chrome on macOS have their own built-in sync services for browser extension settings.)

StopTheMadness uses Apple's CloudKit API. Your device must be signed in to your iCloud account to use this feature. Your StopTheMadness settings are stored in a private iCloud database that can only be accessed by your iCloud account; the developer of StopTheMadness cannot access your iCloud data.

Export and Import buttons are located in the StopTheMadness Safari extension popup: in the iCloud tab on macOS, and at the bottom of the popup on iOS. Just press the Export button, and your StopTheMadness settings will be saved to iCloud. You can then import the saved settings on other devices, using the Import button. You can export from and import to any iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The StopTheMadness iCloud feature is interoperable with any devices.

When you export your StopTheMadness settings to iCloud from a device, those settings will erase and replace any StopTheMadness settings previously saved to iCloud. And when you import from iCloud to a device, the saved iCloud settings will erase and replace any StopTheMadness settings currently on the device. But you can export once from one device and import the same iCloud saved settings multiple times on multiple devices.

Technical note: If you export from Safari on macOS and import to Safari on iOS, the iOS version of StopTheMadness will save all of your StopTheMadness settings, including Mac-specific settings such as URL Scheme Rules and Web URL Rules, even though these Mac-specific settings do not appear in the iOS popup. If you then alter your settings on iOS and export from iOS, your Mac-specific settings will be exported too. This enhances interoperability of iCloud export and import between iOS and Mac.

StopTheMadness does not support automatic sync of settings. Export and import must be done manually. There are two reasons for this. First, it allows you to customize your settings on each device. You can use iCloud import to set up a brand new device, but then change whatever you need to change without affecting your other devices. For example, you may want slightly different website options on iOS vs. macOS, or on iPhone vs. iPad. The second reason automatic sync is not supported is that Safari extensions have a very different "lifecycle" from normal apps, since a Safari extension runs inside Safari rather than separately. This makes background sync of settings problematic, from a technical perspective. Manual export and import avoids most of these technical problems.

If you don't wish to use iCloud, your StopTheMadness extension settings on macOS can also be exported to and imported from a file. This only works for Mac. StopTheMadness for iOS does not support file-based export and import.

Troubleshooting: If iCloud export and import are not working, try toggling one of your iCloud settings such as Safari off and on. This can trigger iCloud to start working. Otherwise, try logging out of iCloud and logging back in again.

If you have any other questions about StopTheMadness iCloud export and import, please contact support.

Support Home: StopTheMadness Support