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Support: Get help with StopTheScript

StopTheScript is a Safari extension for iOS and iPadOS that stops all JavaScript on your selected websites. StopTheScript is the only Safari extension that stops inline JavaScript on the web page as well as externally loaded JavaScript. This is in contrast to Safari content blockers, which can only block external JavaScript, not inline JavaScript.

If you're already using a Safari content blocker to block JavaScript, then set it to block JavaScript on this website (, and click the button below. If the button still pops up an alert, then your JavaScript blocker is incomplete, and you need StopTheScript!

Here's the code for the button:

<button id="mybutton" type="button">
Click for inline JavaScript

function MyClick(event) {
alert("JavaScript alert() is running!");
.addEventListener("click", MyClick);

The developer of StopTheScript is Jeff Johnson, famous for solving the Mac OCSP appocalypse. Jeff's other software includes StopTheMadness, the beloved web browser extension for iOS and Mac that stops web sites from making your browser harder to use, Tweaks for Twitter, a web browser extension for iOS and Mac that makes Twitter better, and Link Unshortener, a Mac app that expands shortened web links. Jeff was a longtime engineer at Rogue Amoeba Software and also worked on the open source RSS reader Vienna.

Support: Get help with StopTheScript