How to enable StopTheScript on iOS and iPadOS

1. Purchase and install StopTheScript in the iOS App Store.

2. Open the Settings app.

Settings app

3. Select the Safari section.

Safari Settings

4. Disable the Preload Top Hit setting.
This isn't a requirement to use StopTheScript, but disabling Preload Top Hit does make StopTheScript work much better, due to a Safari extensions bug on iOS.

Preload Top Hit disabled

5. Select the Extensions section.

Safari Extensions

If your Safari extensions appear disabled, this means web content is restricted in Screen Time. You need to open your Screen Time Settings, allow Unrestricted Access to Web Content, then go back to Safari Settings and complete these instructions. After the extension is enabled, you can enable restrictions in Screen Time again.

Extensions disabled

6. Select StopTheScript.


7. Enable StopTheScript.

StopTheScript enabled

You only need to enable StopTheScript once in Safari, and then it will remain enabled permanently. It will remain enabled even after you install new versions of StopTheScript and iOS or iPadOS. If you ever need to disable StopTheScript, select Manage Extensions from Safari's address bar.

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