How to stop JavaScript on specific websites

1. If StopTheScript is not yet enabled, see how to enable StopTheScript.

2. If you want to stop all JavaScript on a specific website, open the site in Safari.

3. Press the button in the Safari address bar to open the menu.

Safari popup menu on iPhone

Safari popup menu on iPad

4. Select StopTheScript in the menu.

StopTheScript would like to access

5. Allow StopTheScript to access the website for one day or always, according to your preference. This allows StopTheScript to stop JavaScript on the site. (In other words, you allow StopTheScript in order to disallow JavaScript.)

Are you sure you want to always allow StopTheScript?

6. If you selected "Always Allow…" you will be asked for confirmation. Select "Always Allow on This Website".

(You don't want to select "Always Allow on Every Website", because that would disable JavaScript entirely in Safari.)

7. StopTheScript is now allowed on the website. Right after you allow it on a website, you may need to reload the Safari tab for JavaScript blocking to take effect immediately on the page that's already open. But on any new page load, JavaScript blocking will be automatic.

Whenever StopTheScript is allowed on a website, its icon will show a blue highlight.

Blue StopTheScript icon in menu on iPhone

Blue StopTheScript icon in address bar on iPad

If you stopped JavaScript on a website, but you want to enable JavaScript on that site again, you can revoke StopTheScript's access to the site. Open the Settings app, select Safari, Extensions, and StopTheScript. Allow

Select the website in the list, and switch the permissions from Allow to Ask. Ask

Advanced Tip:
Is it possible for StopTheScript to stop all JavaScript on all websites by default, while allowing JavaScript on a few selected websites? Yes, but it's a little tricky. See this advanced tutorial.

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