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Enable Homecoming for Mastodon in Safari for iOS

1. Purchase and install Homecoming for Mastodon in the App Store.

2. Open the Safari address bar popup.

Safari address bar popup

3. Select Manage Extensions.

Manage Extensions, Homecoming disabled

4. Enable Homecoming for Mastodon.

Manage Extensions, Homecoming enabled

5. Open the Safari address bar popup.

Safari address bar popup

6. Select Homecoming for Mastodon.

Your Mastodon instance unsaved

7. Enter the domain of your Mastodon instance and save. (Homecoming for Mastodon may autofill the domain from the open web page, but you still need to save.)

Your Mastodon instance saved

8. Now whenever you're browsing a web page on another Mastodon instance, you can just tap the Homecoming for Mastodon extension icon.


9. The page opens in your own Mastodon instance. This works for any Mastodon URL, including profiles and posts!


You only need to enable Homecoming for Mastodon once in Safari, and then it will remain enabled permanently. It will remain enabled even after you install new versions of iOS and Homecoming for Mastodon. If you ever need to disable Homecoming for Mastodon, select Manage Extensions from Safari's address bar.

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