Open Zoom from Safari without prompting, Part 2

November 28, 2022
By Jeff Johnson of Underpass App Company

Part 1 explained how to create your own AppleScript app to open http and https URLs in the Zoom Mac app, to work around a limitation of sandboxed Mac App Store apps such as StopTheMadness and Link Unshortener. I wrote those instructions because at the time I didn't feel like creating and distributing my own app. But that was last week. This week, I felt like it. Today I introduce my new, free, open source Mac app StartTheZoom! I decided to finally start something after making a habit of stopping everything: StopTheMadness, StopTheScript, Stop The Mac App Store, StopTheNews, StopTheTwitter, StopTheSwift.

StartTheZoom simply opens URLs in the Zoom app and then quits. You can use StartTheZoom in StopTheMadness Web Rules and LinkUnshortener Web Rules, exactly the same way as the AppleScript ZoomOpener app that I discussed in Part 1. You can also copy and paste the Zoom app icon in the Finder Get Info, as I also discussed in Part 1.

StartTheZoom is available for download now.

By the way, my App Store apps are still on sale until the end of November, so act fast if you want a discount!