StopTheMadness Mobile makes Reddit usable

December 13, 2022
By Jeff Johnson of Underpass App Company

Today I released version 10.3 of StopTheMadness Mobile in the iOS App Store. Here's the list of changes, which all relate to the StopTheMadness website option Hide some app banners.

I didn't notice these issues before I released version 10.2 on Monday, unfortunately, but I thought they were important enough to fix ASAP. Otherwise I wasn't planing to release another update until next month. (Next year!)

Reddit is one of the most user-hostile websites I've seen on mobile. They seem to really want you to use their App Store app rather than Safari. Fortunately, StopTheMadness can stop this madness and make Reddit usable in Safari on iOS.

Without StopTheMadness, here's what you see when you open

See Reddit in...

If you press Continue to see Reddit in Safari, you still get stuck with the banner "This page looks better in the app" at the bottom.

This page looks better in the app

With StopTheMadness, both banners are gone.

I received a report from a customer saying that they couldn't open links in some Reddit comments. This happened even with links to my own blog posts!

Nibless Cocoa

Apparently Reddit considers my blog posts "Unreviewed Content". (I don't know why!) You can see this if you disable "Hide some app banners" in StopTheMadness.

Unreviewed Content

If you select "No, take me to Home", it takes you back to the Reddit home page and doesn't allow you to open the link. Instead you get a "Sign in with Google" banner. StopTheMadness hides this banner too, by the way.

Sign in with Google

I discovered that even when StopTheMadness hid the Unreviewed Content banner, Reddit intentionally blocked you from opening the links. This is fixed in StopTheMadness 10.3. Now you can read my blog posts again!

If you try to view a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) page on Reddit, you're blocked by a Mature content banner.

Mature Content

This banner is now hidden by StopTheMadness. The page that I screenshot is only very slightly NSFW, but for safety I'll post a link to the screenshot here instead of showing the image directly.

I wonder why Reddit has a website if you're not supposed to use it? Philosophical question. Anyway, you can make the usable site usable again with StopTheMadness!