Link Unshortener bypasses Twitter censorship of Mastodon

December 16, 2022
By Jeff Johnson of Underpass App Company

Today I released version 10.4 of Link Unshortener in the Mac App Store. Link Unshortener expands shortened web links, following redirects until it reveals the destination URL, then allows you to open the URL in any web browser. Here's the list of changes in today's update.

Here's what I mean by Twitter censorship of Mastodon URLs, if you haven't heard about it already in the news. Notice the Mastodon link in Dave's profile.


If you click the link, you don't go to Mastodon, you instead get this scary thing.


If you use Link Unshortener, it extracts the Mastodon URL from the Twitter warning URL. I'm showing you the Link Unshortener window here, but you can also set it to open destination URLs automatically (and set Link Unshortener as your default web browser).

Link Unshortener

This feature is coming to StopTheMadness as well, but probably not imminently, because I just released updates this week.