Hide Google Doodles

December 20, 2022
By Jeff Johnson of Underpass App Company

Google Doodles are the images, frequently animated, above the Google Search field.

Google Doodle

You can use StopTheMadness to hide Google Doodles. Just add URL-specific options for Google, and then add the CSS below to a custom <style> element.

body > div[data-hveid="1"] > div:nth-child(2) { display: none !important; }

The 2nd child is the Google Doodle, whereas the 1st child is the page header, and the 3rd child is the search form.

The above CSS is for desktop. For mobile (iOS Safari), you want to use the CSS below.

div#hplogoo { display: none !important; }

One more thing. On mobile, the website option Hide some app banners automatically hides the popups on Google Search such as "Get the app" and "Sign in to Google". This website option doesn't exist in the desktop version of StopTheMadness, because there are far fewer "Get the app" popups on desktop. However, there is one such prominent, annoying popup on desktop Google Search.

Google recommends using Chrome

If you want to hide "Google recommends using Chrome", use the CSS below.

body > div[data-hveid="1"] > div:nth-child(1) iframe[role="presentation"][name="callout"] { display: none !important; }

StopTheMadness is available in the Mac App Store and iOS App Store.