A small StopTheMadness update

January 9, 2023
By Jeff Johnson of Underpass App Company

A few days ago StopTheMadness received a big update in the App Store. Today it receives a small update.

Mac App Store: Release Notes Download

iOS App Store: Release Notes Download

I apologize for the inconvenience, especially to Mac Safari users who have to quit Safari in order to update! (Although this technical requirement is Apple's fault, not mine.) Typically I try to schedule updates no more frequently than monthly.

In addition to fixing bugs, today's update enhances a new feature introduced in the previous update. This new feature allowed font substitutions, custom <style> elements, and custom <script> elements in site-specific website options to use the default options for all websites. However, there was initially a limitation to the new feature: it was either-or; you could either use the default options or customize the fonts, CSS, or JS. At the request of customers, this limitation has been removed! As a result, now you can have default CSS, JS, or font substitutions that apply to all websites while also adding customization for specific websites. I should have implemented it this way from the start, but I guess I lacked imagination. Thankfully my customers can imagine things I cannot. Please keep sending me feedback!

You can update to the latest versions of StopTheMadness now in the Mac App Store and iOS App Store. And I'll take this opportunity to remind you once again that last week I introduced a discounted StopTheMadness and Link Unshortener bundle in the Mac App Store!