Tweaks for Twitter updated in the Mac App Store

January 14, 2023
By Jeff Johnson of Underpass App Company

My browser extension Tweaks for Twitter has been updated in the Mac App Store to deal with yesterday's big change to the Twitter web interface. Here's what's new in Tweaks:

For illustration, here are screenshots with and without Tweaks.

With Tweaks

Without Tweaks

What about Tweaks for Twitter Mobile in the iOS App Store, you ask? Well, I actually submitted an update to Apple App Store Review a half hour earlier than the Mac update, and its status changed from "Waiting to Review" to "In Review" 20 minutes later. However, it's still "In Review" now, 20 hours later. Meanwhile, the Mac update cruised through review in an astonishing 3 minutes and was published to the Mac App Store yesterday evening. This is the maddeningly inconsistency of Apple App Store Review. I've been waiting to announce both updates together, but at this point I have no idea when the iOS update will be approved (or rejected). Anyway, the Mac update is available now.

By the way, Tweaks for Twitter is on sale in both the Mac App Store and iOS App Store!