Tweaks for Twitter auto-selects Following in Home

January 19, 2023
By Jeff Johnson of Underpass App Company

My web browser extension Tweaks for Twitter is updated today in the Mac App Store and iOS App Store. What's new is that Tweaks now auto-selects Following in Home!

Until last week had a "sparkle" popup button that allowed you to switch between the reverse chronological Latest Tweets and the algorithmic Home timelines, if you wanted.

Latest Tweets

However, Twitter has redesigned the interface, renaming "Latest Tweets" to "Following" and "Home" to "For you", with the two options next to each other instead of in a popup menu.


Initially, the web interface remembered your selection of "Following", though reportedly the native iOS app always selected "For you" whenever you opened it. (I never use the official Twitter app.) Unfortunately, last night Twitter seems to have brought this behavior to the web too, now always selecting "For you" whenever is reloaded. (By reloaded I mean a full page reload, such as in a fresh browser tab; when you navigate through pages via Twitter, it doesn't do a full page reload.)

As soon as I heard about this change, I went to work on a fix. The new version of Tweaks has a new setting: Auto-select "Following" in "Home", which is enabled by default. Whenever you load, Tweaks checks whether "Following" is selected, and if not, Tweaks automatically selects it for you. A better "For you" than Twitter offers!

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