StopTheMadness and Link Unshortener bundle

January 4, 2023
By Jeff Johnson of Underpass App Company

Happy new year! Just when you thought the gift giving season was over, I'm giving you a new gift: a discount on my software! Today I'm announcing a Mac App Store bundle: StopTheMadness and Link Unshortener. Separately, StopTheMadness costs $9.99 USD in the Mac App Store, and Link Unshortener costs $7.99 USD. Together in the bundle they cost $13.99 USD, a savings of $4. And if you already own one of the two apps, you can complete the bundle to take advantage of the discount. So if you already own StopTheMadness, you can get Link Unshortener for half price!

StopTheMadness is a web browser extension that stops web sites from making your browser harder to use, and it protects your privacy on the web. StopTheMadness is my most popular product by far, so you're probably already familiar with it. Link Unshortener is lesser known, but it's still great and worth knowing better. Link Unshortener expands shortened web links, following redirects until it reveals the destination URL. Moreover, Link Unshortener can open the destination URL in any web browser that you choose. You can manually select a browser, or you can set Link Unshortener to automatically open the URL in a specific browser. Link Unshortener even shares redirect rules and web rules with StopTheMadness, so the two apps make perfect complements. The best part, in my opinion, is that you can set Link Unshortener as your default web browser, which gives you the confidence to open links from other apps, such as Mail, to see where they go before you open them in a real web browser.

The StopTheMadness Link Unshortener bundle is available now in the Mac App Store. Stay tuned here too, because more great updates are coming soon!