Another big StopTheMadness update

January 9, 2023
By Jeff Johnson of Underpass App Company

Today I've released another big update to my web browser extension StopTheMadness!

Mac App Store: Release Notes Download

iOS App Store: Release Notes Download

The new version of StopTheMadness includes many improvements. I'll highlight 4 here:

  1. Hide some app banners enhanced and brought to the Mac!

    The iOS version of StopTheMadness has long had the website option "Hide some app banners". Now the Mac version has a corresponding option "Hide some banners". On macOS there aren't as many "get the app" banners, but the new website option does hide "Google recommends using Google Chrome" on the Google Search page, as well as some annoying banners on YouTube for YouTube Premium and YouTube TV.

    In addition, the Mac and iOS versions of StopTheMadness both now hide Sign in with Google on all websites and Google Doodles on Google Search!

  2. New website option: Stop new windows!

    This website option stops websites from using the API to open a new window or tab. For example, some super-annoying sites use to send you to an associated advertiser's site whenever you click on anything.

    Note that "Stop new windows" is different and separate from the "Force external links into current tab" website option, which deals with the target="_blank" API.

  3. New website option: Protect all links!

    This website option stops all forms of link clickjacking.

    The "Protect ⌘-click" and "Stop link trackers" website options, which are enabled by default, already stop some forms of clickjacking, but stopping all clickjacking would cause some website incompatibilities. So now there's a separate "Protect all links" option, disabled by default, that you can enable when you need it.

  4. Allow font substitutions, custom <style> elements, and custom <script> elements to use the default options for all websites!

    Many customers have requested this enhancement. Suppose that you want to apply font substitutions or custom CSS to all websites, so you configure them in the default options. The problem is that if you had some preexisting site-specific website options in StopTheMadness, your font substitutions or custom CSS wouldn't automatically apply on those specific sites. You had to copy and paste from the default options to the site-specific options. Now, however, you can just check a "Use Default options" checkbox. And when you create new site-specific website options, the checkboxes will be checked automatically.

You can update now in the Mac App Store and iOS App Store. By the way, in case you missed it, last week I introduced a discounted StopTheMadness and Link Unshortener bundle in the Mac App Store!