StopTheMadness updated in the App Store

March 14, 2023
By Jeff Johnson of Underpass App Company

My web browser extension StopTheMadness has been updated today.

Mac App Store: Release Notes Download

iOS App Store: Release Notes Download

Today's updates contain a number of fixes and improvements. A couple of highlights:

  1. The previous version of StopTheMadness introduced a new feature, Video Highlight, to hide everything except the video on a web page at the press of a button. The latest version of StopTheMadness now adds the handy keyboard shortcut option-command-v for Video Highlight.
  2. There's a new website option: Protect contextual menus only when the option key is pressed. This was previously in the Contextual Menu tab in the Safari extension, but now it's also available in Firefox and Google Chrome on Mac, as well as in Safari on iPad.