StopTheMadness Mobile makes it easier to edit URLs in Safari

April 17, 2023
By Jeff Johnson of Underpass App Company

My web browser extension StopTheMadness has been updated today.

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I'd like to highlight one new feature that was inspired by John Siracusa, on Mastodon just a few days ago:

Moving the insertion point long distances in the Safari address bar is one of the most tedious interactions in iOS.

(I know, I know, who edits URLs these days? Me. I do.)

Me too! I do too. And John is right, it's difficult to edit a long URL in the Safari address bar, especially on iPhone. So with StopTheMadness Mobile, I've made it much easier. Here's a page on for illustration.

What happens when you edit the URL in the Safari address bar?

Safari address bar

That's not very convenient. Countless times, I've accidentally tapped the "X" widget while trying to edit a URL. Frustrating.

Instead, open the left menu from the Safari address bar.

Safari manage extensions button

Select StopTheMadness from the menu.

StopTheMadness extension popup

Tap the Edit Tab URL button.

StopTheMadness Edit Tab URL

That's so much easier to edit! You can put the insertion point anywhere in the URL without having to struggle or scroll.

But what about all of the junk at the end? Just tap the Delete URL Query button.

Delete URL Query

It's gone! Now you can either copy the URL to the clipboard or open it directly in Safari, with one tap.

Once again, the madness has been stopped.

At the risk of repeating myself, I'll repeat the information that I gave at the beginning of the blog post, so you don't have to scroll back up. Get your StopTheMadness updates today!

iOS App Store: Release Notes Download

Mac App Store: Release Notes Download