StopTheMadness updated with bug fixes

April 20, 2023
By Jeff Johnson of Underpass App Company

My web browser extension StopTheMadness has been updated today.

Mac App Store: Release Notes Download

iOS App Store: Release Notes Download

I apologize for releasing another set of updates so soon after the previous updates, especially because updating the app on Mac requires quitting and relaunching Safari. (That part is Apple's fault, not mine.) Unfortunately, I wrote a bad bug in the previous updates that I felt deserved an urgent fix: iCloud export from iOS to Mac could overwrite the "Open Link with" setting. You don't ever want data loss, so I fixed the bug as soon as I got a bug report from a customer.

Postmortem: When I moved "Open Link with" from the Contextual Menus tab to the Website Options tab on Mac, I wrote some code to migrate the global option to the per-website options. This worked fine… on the Mac. However, the iOS app did not contain this migration code, so when you exported from iOS and imported on Mac via iCloud, the migration could be run again unexpectedly, even after you've already modified your per-website "Open Link with" settings. This has now been fixed.

The good news is that I've been busy since the previous updates, so today's updates also include some bonus improvements. One big improvement is that the "Show video controls" website option no longer covers up subtitles/closed captions on YouTube! (These are toggled with the "c" keyboard shortcut.) The YouTube left sidebar on desktop is no longer covered up either.