StopTheFonts adds 3rd party web font blocking

April 3, 2023
By Jeff Johnson of Underpass App Company

Version 2.0 of my Safari content blocker StopTheFonts is available now in the App Store. Can you believe that version 1.0 was only 5 days ago? My kids sure do grow up fast!

I've added a feature that should have existed in StopTheFonts from the start: 3rd party web font blocking! Previously, web font blocking was all or nothing, but now there's something in between. The distinction is that a 1st party web font has the same domain as the web page, whereas a 3rd party web font has a different domain from the web page (for example, vs. You can look at a test page with examples of 1st party and 3rd party web fonts.

3rd party web fonts are a much bigger privacy issue than 1st party web fonts, because 3rd party web fonts allow the font providers, such as Google and Adobe—no friends of privacy, of course—to profile and track you across the web. When your browser loads a web font, the font provider sees your IP address, as well as the HTTP Referer header telling the font provider which web site loaded the font. In other words, the 3rd party font provider gets to learn your web browsing history, and private browsing mode is no protection from that.

Now in version 2.0 of StopTheFonts you can block 3rd party fonts while still allowing 1st party fonts. You can thereby see more web sites displayed as their designers intended, while still protecting your privacy from intrusive trackers.

Get StopTheFonts now in the App Store.