StopTheMadness update enhances web video

May 19, 2023
By Jeff Johnson of Underpass App Company

My web browser extension StopTheMadness has been updated today with some great new features to enhance web video.

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The first new feature is video speed! Set the playback speed of web videos. Speed them up, or slow them down. 2x speed? No problem. 3x speed? No problem… for StopTheMadness. Maybe a problem for you to follow along with the video, but what the heck, go wild! Go Benny Hill.

Several of the new video features are specific to YouTube. There's a new option to force YouTube to show its Picture-in-Picture button on desktop. This option also hides the YouTube Miniplayer button, which looks similar to PiP but is inferior. (YouTube doesn't have a PiP button on mobile, but you can use the StopTheMadness option "Show video controls" to show Safari's native video controls with PiP.)

Video quality selection on YouTube has been enhanced. StopTheMadness already had the ability to automatically select the highest available video quality on YouTube; now a wide array of specific video quality options have been added, from 8K down to 144p, or indeed the lowest available quality, if that's what you want. StopTheMadness automatically selects your chosen quality when the YouTube video plays.

Skip YouTube video ads has been made into a separate option. Previously it was included with the "Stop autoplaying videos" option. YouTube ad skipping has also been enhanced to avoid pausing the video for ads when "Stop autoplaying videos" is enabled.

By the way, using "Video speed" with YouTube also requires the "Fixed speed" option, because YouTube is naughty and tries to undo video speed changes.

StopTheMadness now has keyboard shortcuts to quickly toggle video features: ⌃⌘V for Show Video Controls and ⇧⌘V for Video Highlight. (Video Highlight hides everything on the web page except for videos.) And in Safari for Mac, there are now optional contextual menu items to toggle Show Video Controls and Video Highlight.

StopTheMadness makes web videos easier than ever to watch. Get the latest StopTheMadness update now!