Tweaks for Twitter updated to hide tweets from blue checkmarks

May 9, 2023
By Jeff Johnson of Underpass App Company

My web browser extension Tweaks for Twitter has been updated today.

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The updates include a new preference: Hide verified checkmark tweets. In other words, it hides all tweets from blue checkmarks!

Technically, the preference doesn't hide all tweets from verified users: I've exempted the user's own tweets when you view the user's own profile or statuses. I figure that if you go out of your way to view those links, you probably want to see something other than an empty page. Otherwise, though, you won't see blue checkmark tweets in your Home timeline or on any other page with the new preference enabled.

Warning: There's no way for Tweaks to distinguish Twitter Blue subscribers from "legacy" verified accounts that still have blue checkmarks (whether they wanted the blue checkmarks or not). So if you enable Hide verified checkmark tweets, the legacy blue checkmark tweets will be hidden too, unfortunately.

A few web browser extensions out there claim that they can distinguish between Twitter Blue subscribers and legacy verified accounts. I've looked at some of those extensions, and what they actually do is embed an extremely long, outdated, inaccurate list of legacy verified accounts that were scraped from Twitter at some point in time. I chose not to follow that route.

Today's updates also include a few other improvements:

Here are the Tweaks for Twitter links again:

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