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View and save received files

Chat messages are encrypted when they are sent over the network and decrypted when received. For privacy and security, a decrypted message exists only in the chat window, and it disappears from memory when Underpass is terminated. If you receive a file or image in a chat, and you want to keep it permanently on your device, you'll need to save it.

When an image is sent in Underpass, both the sender and receiver will be able to see the image itself in Underpass, as long as the device has built-in support for the image format. Popular image formats such as JPEG, PNG, and TIFF are displayed.


If there is no operating system support for the file format, Underpass shows a generic document icon with the file extension.


You may still be able to view the file's content in the Underpass file preview window. When you touch the image or file icon in the chat window, the file opens in the preview window. The preview window supports additional file formats, most notably PDF. You may also need to view animated GIFs in the preview window, because iOS does not animate them by default.


To save an image or file to your device, use the system sharing menu. The file preview window has a sharing button that opens the sharing menu. The sharing menu allows you to save the file to iCloud or to perform other actions with the file such as copy. On iOS 11 and later, Underpass supports saving to Files app.

Sharing menu

The sharing menu also opens in the chat window if you continue to press down on an image or file icon instead of touching once.

Sharing menu

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