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Save received files

Chat messages are encrypted when they are sent over the network and decrypted when received. For privacy and security, a decrypted message exists only in the chat window, and it disappears from memory when Underpass is quit. If you receive an image file in a message, you can view the image directly in the chat window. If you want to keep the image file, however, or if you receive a non-image file, you will need to save the file to your Mac.

There are two ways to save a file from a chat message:

  1. Drag the file from the Underpass window and drop it into Finder.

    Underpass will give the file a default name. If you wish, you can rename the file in Finder after you've dropped it.

  2. Bring up the contextual menu for the file in the Underpass window and select the "Save Fileā€¦" command.

    This command will open a save panel, and then you can enter the name of the file and select the location to save it.

    Save File

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