How to install StopTheMadness in Google Chrome

StopTheMadness for Google Chrome is bundled inside the Mac app. You only need to enable the extension once in Chrome, and then it will automatically update along with the Mac App Store app.

  1. Open Google Chrome.

  2. In Chrome, open the "Window" menu in the main menu bar and select "Extensions" from the menu.

    Chrome Window menu

  3. In the Extensions window, enable "Developer mode" in the upper right corner.

    Chrome Extensions window

  4. Open the StopTheMadness app.

  5. In the StopTheMadness app, select "Install Google Chrome Extension…".

  6. Drag the StopTheMadness icon out of the "Install in Google Chrome" window and into Chrome.

    Install in Google Chrome window

  7. Drop the StopTheMadness icon into the Chrome Extensions window.

    Drop to Install

  8. StopTheMadness is now installed in Google Chrome. You can change the website options by selecting "Details" and then "Extension options", or by simply clicking the StopTheMadness icon in the toolbar. See Google Chrome Support for more information.

    StopTheMadness in Chrome Extensions window

If you wish, you can disable "Developer mode" after installing StopTheMadness. The extension will continue to function and receive software updates.

If you see an Errors button, don't worry, this is actually just a warning about the deprecated Chrome extension manifest version 2. StopTheMadness continues to work, and a StopTheMadness update later in 2022 will adopt the newer Chrome extension manifest version 3.

Chrome extension Errors

Chrome manifest version 2

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