How to install StopTheMadness in Firefox

  1. Open Firefox.

  2. Open the StopTheMadness app.

  3. In the StopTheMadness app, select "Install Firefox Add-on…".

  4. Drag the StopTheMadness icon out of the "Install in Firefox" window and into the Firefox address bar.

    Install in Firefox

  5. Hover until the Firefox app becomes active, then drop the StopTheMadness icon into the Firefox address bar.

    Firefox main window

  6. When prompted in Firefox, select "Add" to add StopTheMadness to Firefox.

    Add StopTheMadness?

  7. You can select whether or not to allow StopTheMadness to run in private windows in Firefox.

    StopTheMadness has been added to Firefox.

  8. StopTheMadness is now installed in Firefox. You can select "Add-ons" from the "Tools" menu to show StopTheMadness in Firefox.

    Tools, Add-ons menu

  9. You can change the website options in the Preferences for StopTheMadness, or by simply clicking the StopTheMadness icon in the toolbar. See Firefox Support for more information.

    about add-ons window

Some (but not all) Mac App Store updates may include updates to the Firefox add-on. When you open the Mac app after an update, it will inform you if an update is also available for the Firefox add-on.

Update Firefox Add-on window

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