Migrate StopTheMadness Settings

StopTheMadness for both macOS and iOS supports export and import of your custom Safari extension settings with iCloud.

Firefox and Google Chrome on macOS have their own built-in sync services for browser extension settings. StopTheMadness is compatible with these.

Your StopTheMadness extension settings can also be exported to and imported from a file on macOS. (File export and import are not currently supported in StopTheMadness for iOS.) For Safari, the Export and Import commands are in the main menu of the StopTheMadness app.

StopTheMadness main menu

For Google Chrome, the Export and Import buttons are at the bottom of the extension popup.

Google Chrome extension popup

For Firefox, settings can also be exported from the extension popup, but technical limitations require importing from the Firefox Add-ons window.

Google Chrome extension popup
Google Chrome extension popup

Support for exporting and importing Firefox and Google Chrome extension settings was added in StopTheMadness version 31. Make sure to use the newer file format with the .stopthemadness-json file extension, because the Firefox and Chrome extensions don't recognize older exported file formats with a different file extension.

Some of the Safari extension settings, such as Scheme Rules and Web Rules, are not currently supported by the Firefox and Google Chrome extensions and will be ignored by them.

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