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Homecoming for Mastodon is a Safari extension for iOS and macOS that makes it easy to open Mastodon pages in different instances.

Just click the extension icon in the Safari toolbar to open a Mastodon page from another instance in your own instance. This makes it a lot easier to follow new accounts on Mastodon!

You can also go in the reverse direction: click the toolbar icon to switch from your own instance to the page's original instance! These features work with both profiles and posts.

Keyboard shortcut: Control-Command-M

System Requirements:

About the developer: Jeff Johnson, @lapcatsoftware@appdot.net on Mastodon, owner of Underpass App Company, had 15 minutes of fame for solving the Mac OCSP appocalypse. Before becoming an indie developer, Jeff was a longtime engineer at Rogue Amoeba Software and also worked on the open source RSS reader Vienna.