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March 14, 2023StopTheMadness updated in the App Store
March 13, 2023Link Unshortener has a new app icon
February 23, 2023StopTheMadness updated in the App Store
February 16, 2023Homecoming for Mastodon now does the opposite
February 9, 2023Stop the apple.com hover menus with StopTheMadness
February 2, 2023Exclude Pinterest from Google search results with StopTheMadness
January 26, 2023StopTheMadness updated in the App Store
January 25, 2023Link Unshortener updated in Mac App Store
January 25, 2023Get the old Wikipedia layout with StopTheMadness
January 24, 2023Stop the Mastodon video madness
January 23, 2023Tweaks for Twitter update: auto-select list in Home
January 19, 2023New Safari extension: Homecoming for Mastodon
January 19, 2023Tweaks for Twitter auto-selects Following in Home
January 15, 2023Tweaks for Twitter updated in the iOS App Store
January 14, 2023Tweaks for Twitter updated in the Mac App Store
January 13, 2023Tweaks for Twitter on sale
January 11, 2023A small StopTheMadness update
January 9, 2023Another big StopTheMadness update
January 4, 2023StopTheMadness and Link Unshortener bundle
December 22, 2022Stop Sign in with Google
December 20, 2022Hide Google Doodles
December 16, 2022Link Unshortener bypasses Twitter censorship of Mastodon
December 13, 2022StopTheMadness Mobile makes Reddit usable
December 12, 2022StopTheMadness updated in the App Store
December 5, 2022Mastodon system appearance support with StopTheMadness
November 28, 2022Open Zoom from Safari without prompting, Part 2
November 23, 2022Open Zoom from Safari without prompting
November 21, 2022Black Friday Cyber Monday Happy Holidays Sale 2022
November 19, 2022StopTheMadness on The Dalrymple Report Podcast
November 14, 2022StopTheMadness updated with new font substitution feature
November 13, 2022StopTheMadness and Mastodon compatibility
November 5, 2022Substitute web fonts with StopTheMadness, Part 2
November 4, 2022Hide some app banners on Reddit
November 3, 2022Substitute web fonts with StopTheMadness