Hide some app banners on Reddit

November 4, 2022
By Jeff Johnson of Underpass App Company

StopTheMadness Mobile 9.2 is now available in the iOS App Store. (I had to request an expedited App Store review because the update had been waiting for review almost 2 days, and then I got Fireballed.) Version 9.2 fixes an issue on Reddit that was reported to me by a customer. I welcome support requests, whether they're bug reports or feature requests! In this case, the customer was unable to scroll down on some Reddit pages when StopTheMadness was enabled. I knew immediately that it was caused by the StopTheMadness feature Hide some app banners, but I didn't know exactly why.

The problem with writing a feature specific to a certain website is that a website can change at any time, and it appears that Reddit did change. When I visited a Reddit page in Mobile Safari, I couldn't scroll down on the page, just like the customer reported. So I disabled "Hide some app banners".

StopTheMadness Website Options

This revealed a banner at the bottom that asks whether you want to "See this post in…" the native Reddit App or Safari. The banner had been correctly hidden by StopTheMadness, but Reddit was also blocking the user from scrolling in a new way, which didn't happen when I originally wrote the feature for Reddit.

See this post in…

The solution was very tricky, but I managed to re-enable scrolling while hiding the banner. The fix is included in StopTheMadness version 9.2.

I found a few other banners that needed to be hidden. "This page looks better in the app" was supposed to be hidden, and now it is hidden in StopTheMadness 9.2.


"Use your Google Account to sign in to Reddit" is also hidden now.

Use your Google Account to sign in to Reddit

The Mature Content and NSFW (Not Safe For Work) banners prevent you from reading the pages on the Reddit website, forcing you to use the native app to verify yourself. But StopTheMadness hides the banners and also unblurs the content so that you can read it.

Mature Content

Reddit really wants you to use their app instead of Safari. I'm on the case, though, so if you really want to use Reddit in Mobile Safari, make sure to install the latest version of StopTheMadness! Hide some app banners also works to hide "get the app" banners on Google Search, Google Maps, DuckDuckGo, IMDb, Instagram, Quora, and Tumblr.

I should warn about one type of banner that StopTheMadness can't hide. Hide some app banners is intended to prevent sites from bugging you to install their app from the App Store. However, if you actually do install the native iOS app, you may see an additional banner at the top of Safari.

Open in the Reddit app

Notice that the banner "Open in the Reddit app" is above the normal header of the Reddit web page. This is because it's not part of the web page! The top banner here is a Universal Link, and it's part of Safari's native interface. Therefore, unfortunately, it can't be hidden by Safari extensions, unlike elements inside the web page.

I've written about Universal Links before on my personal blog. On macOS, I discovered a trick that prevents the Twitter Mac app from showing Universal Links in Safari, but sadly, this trick is not possible on iOS. The only way to avoid them on iOS is to avoid installing the website's App Store app. And StopTheMadness Mobile does help with that.