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Tweaks for Twitter is a web browser extension that improves the user interface of in many ways. Tweaks works on iOS and iPadOS in Safari, and on macOS in Safari, Google Chrome, and any other Chromium-based web browser, such as Brave, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi. Tweaks is sold separately on the iOS App Store and Mac App Store.

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The developer of Tweaks for Twitter is Jeff Johnson, famous for solving the Mac OCSP appocalypse. Jeff's other software includes StopTheMadness, the beloved web browser extension that stops web sites from making your browser harder to use, and Link Unshortener, a Mac app that expands shortened web links. Jeff was a longtime engineer at Rogue Amoeba Software and also worked on the open source RSS reader Vienna.

Why Tweaks for Twitter?

Before and after enabling Tweaks:

Twitter sidebar beforeTwitter sidebar after

Tweaks makes Twitter better in your web browser by removing these annoying elements:

Home, Explore, NotificationsHome, Notifications, Messages
Hover cardNo hover card
Log in bottom barNo Log in bottom bar

If your Twitter account has no switch to select "Latest Tweets" at the top of your timeline, Tweaks forces the missing switch to appear!

Latest Tweets

Tweaks also unsticks the title at the top of the Twitter window, making it scrollable.

Sticky header
Scrollable header

Tweaks replaces shortened URLs in tweet links with the real unshortened URLs, allowing you to bypass Twitter's click tracker. (This feature does not work for Twitter cards or user profiles.) link URL
Direct link URL

Tweaks has a number of options you can enable:

White Following buttonBlack Following button
Black Follow buttonWhite Follow button
Retweets, quote tweets, and likes
No numbers
Twitter Chirp font
Old Twitter font
Show replies
Expanded replies
Expanded replies

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