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Privacy: According to Safari, Tweaks for Twitter "Can read and alter sensitive information on webpages, including passwords, phone numbers, and credit cards, and see your browsing history on twitter.com". However, this is just boilerplate text from Apple shown for every Safari extension that can modify webpages. Tweaks for Twitter does not read, use, or share your personal data. The privacy policy has more details about Tweaks for Twitter privacy. See also my blog post The security of Safari extensions for a more detailed explanation of extension permissions.

Purchase: Tweaks for Twitter and Tweaks for Twitter Mobile are sold separately in the Mac App Store and iOS App Store.

Refunds: Apple can grant refunds for App Store purchases on request. App Store developers do not have the power to grant refunds, only Apple has that power. For instructions on how to request a refund, please see Apple's support article Request a refund for an App Store or iTunes Store purchase.

System Requirements: Tweaks for Twitter in the Mac App Store is compatible with macOS 13 Ventura, 12 Monterey, and 11 Big Sur.

Tweaks for Twitter Mobile in the iOS App Store is compatible with iOS and iPadOS versions 16 and 15.

Safari for iOS: See the guide for iOS and iPadOS to enable the extension in Safari.

Safari for macOS: See the guide for macOS to enable the extension in Safari.

Safari Technology Preview: Tweaks for Twitter is fully compatible with Safari Technology Preview. However, enabling Tweaks for Twitter in Safari does not automatically enable it in Safari Technology Preview, so you'll need to enable Tweaks for Twitter separately in Safari Technology Preview.

Google Chrome and Chromium browsers: See the guide to enable the extension in Google Chrome and other Chromium browsers.

Preferences: See the explanation of the Tweaks for Twitter preferences.

Known Issues: